Web Applications

Develop or customize CMS, CRM and e-Commerce type of web applications.

Mobile-Optimized Websites

Build responsive design websites with best optimization practices applied.

API Integration

From the popular social media api (twitter, instagram or fb) to a more obscure one, will provide integration as long as documentation is available.


From psd to a fully functional wordpress site.

Defent the Flame

Interactive Site

The site was an interactive showcase dedicated to 2012 Olympics where we created a "social flame" that reacts to real-time weather conditions in London. The intensity of the flame is relative to London’s weather condition so the ultimate goal is to keep it burning by asking fans to tweet the hashtag #Keepitburning or to click the button in the site to give the flame a boost.

Featured on:
Creativity Online
HTML5 Mania
CSS Mania

Won the CSS Design Award for Site of the Day

Seagoing Recruitment

Seagoing Recruitment

Web App

A recruitment management system.
The site serves as a job portal service for maritime industry.
Status: Active
Job: Frontend design, database design, frontend & backend development and implementation.

XBox - XFriends

XBOX: xFriends

Interactive Leaderboard: XBOX: xFriends - Join the Brawl
A digital campaign that only ran for several months but the scope was big as it needs to be implemented in Asia Pacific region with selected site's localization from countries who participated. The campaign was to promote newly released XBOX games and at the same time open's a tournament wherein gamers compete for the highest score and achievement then at the final the top player from each game battles out for the ultimate XBOX champion title holder. Leaderboards' results were dynamically handled and sorted out in the backend.



Web App

This is a german social networking site for professionals.
Year: 2014-2015
Job: Site's backend maintenance. Worked with several feature addons.




This is an e-commerce site specifically for bowling merchandises.
Job: Frontend maintenance update and backend development for the admin panel.